Announcing Quick Order for Convictional

Convictional believes that wholesale should be an automatic and integrated experience for you and your customers. But sometimes, your customers just want to send you a quick email order and there isn’t much you can do to convince them otherwise or they aren’t ready to automate.

Today, we’re launching an addition to the Convictional B2B integration platform — Quick Order. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been privately beta testing Quick Order with suppliers. Quick Order is simple: any existing partner you have in Convictional can send you an order via email and you don’t have to key anything to get it in your system. We’re ready to share Quick Order with the world and today we’re excited to introduce it to all Convictional customers.

Receiving email orders can be a pain if you have to key them into your system by hand. This is usually the case for email orders. So we created an easier way for your customers to order that avoids rekeying for you and doesn’t make life more difficult for your customer (they benefit from instant confirmation, and not having to log into a portal and sift through a catalogue).

Now, all orders sent by your customer through email (Quick Order) will be automatically entered into your system. If you currently do most of your wholesale through phone, a portal, or email, consider how Quick Order would make it even easier for you customers to purchase from you — and how it will save you time moving forward. Here is an example:


If you want to learn more about Quick Order as a current customer, check out the help documentation so you can get started automating your email orders. If you think Quick Order might have an application in your business and we aren’t partnered yet, contact sales.