Convictional among Canadian ecommerce technology companies having a global impact

Convictional has been included in a map of Canadian ecommerce technology companies that are making a global impact, as published by The Globe and Mail.

The article’s author, Qasim Mohammed, entrepreneur and former venture capitalist at OMERS Ventures (Canada’s largest VC fund), summarized Canada’s disproportionate impact on the global ecommerce ecosystem by stating, “Since 2012, companies belonging to Canada’s digital commerce ecosystem have raised more than $4.8-billion in capital in aggregate – distributed through more than 580 deals that were led by more than 590 investors globally. These numbers have grown steadily and point to Canada’s influence within the sector.”

Convictional is proud to be a Canadian company that serves customers globally.

To read The Globe and Mail article in full, click here.

To view the map of the selected Canadian ecommerce technology companies, click here.

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