Convictional Featured on the Human Scale Business Podcast

B2B commerce has remained virtually unchanged for decades.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was invented during WWII. Over 70 years has passed since the first document was shared through EDI. To this day, in 2018, EDI is still the preferred way to exchange business information by incumbents. Wholesalers and retailers who want to do business with large enterprises have suffered ever since.

Often, the cost of implementing EDI outweighs the benefits of having it. Convictional is building a modern approach to EDI that makes it easy to exchange business information.

We stopped by Human Scale Business to record a podcast on how we are approaching the difficulties involving two businesses simply wanting to exchange business information, like POs, ship notices and invoices.

In the podcast, Roger Kirkness, co-founder of Convictional, discusses why online wholesale portals are a bandaid solution for most wholesalers (and may be limiting your growth); why you should rethink your approach to marketplaces; and why Convictional is creating the architecture to help any B2B commerce business transact and share information, regardless of their platform and back office systems.

Be sure to listen to the podcast here. Dave Bayless, the host and co-founder of Human Scale Business, added shownotes and a transcript which can also be found through that link.

We hope you enjoy this amazing episode and learn something new in the process.