How APIs are Changing B2B eCommerce

Historically, the party with market power in a B2B transaction was able to dictate how orders would be placed and the underlying technology used in those transactions. This is why suppliers now suffer from IT fragmentation.

Suppliers and their buyers all want to use different systems for ordering such as phone, fax, email, and EDI. 

Convictional uses APIs to level the playing field for suppliers and buyers.

We do this by integrating on both sides of the transaction and by aggregating each ordering channel under one platform. That way, suppliers can sell to all of their B2B customers in one place without inconveniencing them. Convictional’s API enables true multi-channel B2B commerce. 

We spoke with PYMNTS.com about how Convictional is changing B2B ecommerce through the use of integrations and automation.

In the interview, we introduce the B2B Graph.

The B2B Graph is the network of global trade that exists between suppliers and their buyers.

Integrating on both sides of the transaction and reducing onboarding friction has enabled suppliers and buyers on Convictional to invite new and existing partners to work with them.

For example, a marketplace using Convictional can easily onboard all of their vendors to join their network. Then, those vendors will onboard their remaining B2B customers.

The B2B Graph has always existed.

Convictional just makes it simple for any business to be part of it.

Click here to read the full interview on PYMNTS.com (“How APIs Level The B2B eCommerce Playing Field”).

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