How Convictional Is Making EDI Accessible for Modern Suppliers

As our work to help suppliers automate their relationships with dropshippers matures, it gets increasingly clear that EDI — as a protocol and as the language of business — is not going away.

Since many of the largest companies rely on EDI to do trade (Amazon, Walmart, etc.), every part of the wholesale distribution supply chain feels its impact. EDI is immensely difficult, costly, and time consuming to implement. This is particularly true of smaller firms (typically the supplier selling to an Amazon or Walmart) who are accustomed to modern API-based applications (like Shopify) and integration services. It’s clear that the next step in our mission is to add support for EDI document translation and transmission.

We have actually supported EDI document translation for a while via an internal API that we use but today we are going to expose that along with a new endpoint for EDI document transmission. Now, you can use the Convictional platform to translate and transmit EDI documents that way you might connect with a trading partner using a modern API-able platform. The new work uses the exact same admin as our existing platform: all your orders, partners and records will still live in the same place. Only now, you’ll be able to trade with EDI-enabled partners without you having to reinvent the wheel and learn this language.

Our approach will be to poll our existing customers about what trading partners you are connecting with that are asking for or require EDI document sharing, and then prioritize based on whichever trading partners overlap the most between our supplier partners. As time goes on, our goal is to add as many companies with EDI requirements to our network as possible. And the goal as always will be to make trading with them as simple as sending an email invite or making an API call in your favourite language without worrying about what IT the partner has.

Watch for more from us around EDI and how we are working to make it a much easier experience to implement with your partners. If you are interested in leveraging our EDI platform that will allow you to use a modern ecommerce platform or ERP to exchange EDI documents (representing orders and the associated information that goes along with them), get in touch.