Integrate with BigCommerce and WooCommerce

We are excited to announce that our beta to connect with retailers on BigCommerce and WooCommerce is now live. While we have been testing it behind the scenes, we will be launching the integrations as a beta as we work through exactly what frequency, fields and other information needs to be exchanged for customers on these platforms.

This integration will allow our customers to connect with retail trading partners on BigCommerce and WooCommerce to get orders, and share products, order updates and inventory back. To bring on a trading partner on one of these platforms, simply send them an email invite. Your partners will be able to get their stores integrated with our service in a standardized way.

Once connected Convictional will be able to pull orders containing your products once an hour and push back order updates (hourly), inventory (hourly) and product updates (3x day). While these updates will sync automatically, wholesalers who want more frequent syncing can run a manual sync at anytime.

To get started with the BigCommerce and WooCommerce beta please get in touch. We will be adding more platforms in the near future so watch for further updates.