Launching Oversell Protection

If you don’t offer oversell prevention as a service to your retail partners (so that they can offer it to their customers), you probably should.

Why Offer Oversell Protection? According to RightNow Technologies (a subsidiary of Oracle), 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service source. In increasingly crowded markets where transparency drives customer decisions, these kinds of slip-ups can create fatal reputations for most ecommerce businesses. Failing to prevent overselling situations will likely spell the end of the relationship with the affected customer and possibly the end of your company.

That’s why today, we are proud to be launching Oversell Prevention for our customers who use Convictional.

Introducing Oversell Protection by Convictional Oversell Prevention allows a wholesaler to prevent their items from being oversold among retail trading partners by constantly checking orders for the products they contain and updating them in real-time.

When a product is sold out, Convictional will instantly set the quantity of that item to zero. Our intelligent inventory monitoring system then updates inventory across your retail network to ensure it’s consistent across partners. By being the fastest to update inventory quantities, Convictional’s enterprise platform can automatically prevent negative consumer experiences like overselling from occurring across the network.

Your Competitive Advantage We strongly encourage wholesalers to leverage Oversell Prevention and to make their existing partners aware of this feature — both as a marketing tool and to set proper expectations. Your retail partners will thank you for providing this level of service and care.

Once you’ve made them aware (and built trust as a result), your integrated retail partners can then market Oversell Prevention to their audiences to drive customer loyalty. It’s a win-win-win.Why stop there? Oversell Prevention also means that wholesalers using Convictional can market this as a new service that they offer to their prospective partners to get a leg up on competitive suppliers in the market. We’re excited to introduce this feature and to ensure that no shopper (and thus the supplier) ever has to deal with a detrimental customer experience on Convictional’s B2B integration platform.