One Billion API Calls

We are excited to announce that Convictional is now processing more than one billion API calls per month. This is a big milestone for our team, our technology, and our customers.

Our mission is to connect every supplier and their trading partners to the B2B graph. B2B commerce largely relies on infrastructure from the 1960s. Yet, the process of suppliers selling to trading partners is integral to the rest of the broader economy.

To us, the B2B graph is both symbolic and practical. The B2B graph represents a network of global trade relationships. In order to create a complete graph of trade, we have to execute on two things incredibly well:

First, we have to build technology that makes commerce frictionless. A supplier’s job-to-be-done (JTBD) is not merely to “implement Electronic Data Interchange” (EDI). The supplier’s JTBD is to seamlessly transact with all of their retail partners, irrespective of the system that the retailer uses. We think that most EDI providers got this wrong (and will continue to get it wrong) by focusing on the needs of the party who has market power in a B2B transaction — often, at the exclusion of suppliers. It’s tempting to build for the largest party in a transaction. But making B2B commerce frictionless is about levelling the playing field for all market participants.

Second, we have to add more nodes to the network. A node on the network represents an integration on either end of the transaction. A node makes the entire network more valuable for a party in a transaction since it unlocks new opportunities for future trade relationships. We’re not talking about building a marketplace. We’re talking about adding integrations that help a supplier or a retailer easily find and realize more economic value. The number of possible business relationships that a supplier can create and facilitate is often opaque to them. So they regress to their existing trade relationships. But if you want to grow, you have to expand your own network. We want to build the network that underpins a supplier’s trade relationships. This all starts by adding more nodes to the network.

We’ve worked hard to make this happen, but we have a long way to go.

Convictional’s deeply held belief is that by making it seamless for suppliers to connect with their trading partners, we can enable more trade within the supply chain.

One billion API calls represents a sign that we are aiming in the right direction.

We’re just getting started. As Roger likes to say, “Back to work.”