Partnering with Apruve

Today, we’re excited to announce that Convictional has partnered with Apruve, the premier B2B credit network. But first, some context on how this is useful for our customers and what it means for you moving forward.

B2B transactions typically have two parts, data and payment. Convictional is focused on making it as easy as possible for the information to go back and forth between you and your trading partners. The other part, payments, is something we haven’t offered a solution for. Until now.

Apruve is more than a provider of merchant services for B2B companies. Apruve is a way to manage and finance your B2B credit programs. Convictional now offers a built-in integration to Apruve so that you can automatically invoice your trading partners when you ship their orders.

The end result is that our customers in the USA now have a way to automate payments and extend terms to your trading partners, all managed and financed by Apruve.

Instead of requiring drop shippers to visit your wholesale store and re-order manually each time they get an order, you can send them one end-of-the-month statement with Net15 terms so they can easily pay all their open invoices with a single payment.

The best part? You get paid within a day of shipping the order, improving your cash flow dramatically without requiring constant intervention from your trading partner.

We think this will make drop shipping your products on behalf of your retail trading partners a lot easier. If you want to use Apruve with your Convictional solution for drop shipping automation, let us know and we can put you in touch with them. Connecting your account only requires a few pieces of information and then all your shipped orders will automatically be invoiced.

All our existing and future customers get access to this integration as part of your existing relationship with us. Additional fees apply on Apruve’s side that are comparable to other forms of merchant services.