Passwordless B2B

Today, on world password day, we are proud to be launching passwordless login for all Convictional customers and users.

Passwordless is the fastest way to login to your Convictional account. As the name implies, Passwordless means that you do not have to enter in your password in order to access your Convictional account. And if you are a customer of Convictional, you can offer Passwordless to your B2B partners as an effortless way for them to manage their account, too.

Passwordless Demo

Since the founding of Convictional in 2017, we have aimed to introduce more automation to buyers and sellers in our network. As a retailer, reordering inventory or doing drop ship with your suppliers may require memorizing multiple logins for each of your supplier portals. Convictional provides a unified login for all of a retailer’s supplier relationships and enables them to access their account securely and seamlessly—all without a password. It’s like magic.

Passwordless was one of our most requested features. Buyers and sellers were tired of yet another password to manage for every new partner they onboard. At Convictional, we believe that building the B2B Graph will be achieved by reducing the friction involved in doing B2B trade. Eliminating the need for passwords makes B2B trade on Convictional even easier.

Convictional’s implementation of Passwordless leverages enterprise-grade security. Instead of implementing our own password-backing mechanism, we piggyback on the existing security of your corporate email. It would be nearly impossible for someone to provide a malicious email on your corporate domain (e.g. in order to get access to the resources stored in Convictional. Since most businesses have implemented mandatory two-factor authentication on their email services, Convictional will enable one-click access to resources in the platform while benefiting from the high level of security on corporate email accounts.

Admins can still revoke login sessions in the event of a dismissal, while benefiting from improved UX across their users. It also mitigates single sign-on requirements because the user’s email address becomes the source of authentication regardless of provider. Convictional’s systems have passed security reviews of publicly-traded companies. Passwordless continues our commitment to security and improved user experience.

In the near future, we will roll out one-time use tokens attached to email notifications from Convictional. Imagine receiving an order or a request to trade with a new trading partner, and finding that the link magically logs you in and skips the usual login step entirely. In one click, you will be able to access what you need in a timely manner, further benefiting from Passwordless.

Passwordless saves buyers and sellers time. Now, businesses using Convictional no longer have to memorize passwords to manage their B2B relationships. \

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