Get Things Done Faster

A lot of B2B comes down to simple things like onboarding new trading partners and quickly entering orders. Today we’re launching a new feature in the Convictional admin that allows customers to easily invite trading partners or enter orders in one click. Quick actions will show up at the top of the menu for easy access.

The first two quick actions we’re launching are for inviting partners and entering an order. To invite a partner, just click invite partner and enter their email. We’ll set the defaults for you (you can review them before the invite goes), create the partner and invite them with two clicks and one field of entry.

The second quick action is order entry. A screen pops up allowing you to choose the partner the order is for, and select whether you are entering a purchase order for a supplier or a sales order from a customer. We’ll hide any items that are out of stock and pass along pricing specific to the partner for this order. Enter the quantity of each item you want them to order and we’ll total it for you. Submit the order and it will be created against the default address for the partner you chose. Again, a few fields of entry to get a job done.

We’ve rolled quick actions out to all our supplier and retail customers today as part of an update that also includes various other performance improvements and an easier to use UI. We’re excited to help you get your B2B jobs to be done completed in as little time as possible. Let us know what you think!