New Wholesale Capabilities

Convictional launched a few new wholesale capabilities today. All our customers will gain access to quick order (for suppliers and buyers) and volume break pricing. This new functionality will make it easier for existing Convictional customers to enable your buyers to purchase bulk orders from you, and make sure they pay the right price.

Quick Order is a fast way for our customer’s (the supplier) to enter an order on behalf of a customer. The pricing specific to that customer will automatically be applied, including volume breaks and other markdowns. Stock will be confirmed and a confirmation email will be sent to the customer containing the finalize details of the order.

Bulk discount pricing allows a supplier to setup multiple prices for a SKU. Based on the SKU and the price breaks, we will calculate and charge the right price for an item on an order. You can have as many price breaks as you want for a particular SKU. We will take the lowest price for an item where a conflict exists and breaks overlap.

Let us know what you think. We’re excited to help facilitate more wholesale ordering on behalf our supplier customers, and make it easier for your customers. We also plan to continue investing in our services for wholesales by making it as easy as possible for your partners to onboard (tax documents, ship-to locations and more).