Why Convictional? The DNA Behind Our Platform, Team and Customers

We get asked, “Why Convictional?” a lot. We get it. When you hear the name, it isn’t immediately obvious what we do. We like that. And this is true for a lot of brands — take Watfair, Amazon, or even Ben & Jerry’s. Those names (like ours) may make you scratch your head.

Having a slightly indirect name allows us to have some fun and flexibility with products that we launch. We intend on introducing a plethora of platform-related products over time, and with Convictional at the helm, we can unite ourselves around a platform concept rather than being trapped within the confines of a particular name. The relevance of “conviction” to our platform only scratches the surface of why we are called Convictional.

We decided on Convictional because we felt that “conviction” is at the core of not just the platform, but also the internal team and our customers. Conviction is in our DNA.

Our mission is to integrate suppliers with their trading partners irrespective of their back office systems or preferred medium of exchange. Having conviction in our ability to deliver on this mission regardless of how long it will take requires a heck of a lot of conviction. That belief is at the core of this team. It’s why we started the company. As a result of this mission, one of the most important qualities that we assess for in new hires is their own conviction in themselves. As a team, we often argue like we’re right and listen like we’re wrong. We’re not afraid of thoughtful disagreement if we have high conviction in our reasoning. And our team members are aptly called Convictioneers!

Our customers also helped us determine the name that we carry on our banner. Customers are the fundamental reason for why we exist. We believe there should be a B2B graph of strong business relationships. We also believe that suppliers (our customers) should have conviction in their trade relationships. This is built on good business practices, trust, and the technology that they use to facilitate those relationships. We help suppliers develop increasing conviction in their trade relationships through smarter and faster integrations. If we can deliver on that, they will have a platform to win long-term.

This mission that we’re delivering on is a big undertaking — one that will take some time to achieve. But we have the necessary conviction to achieve it.